Translation Memory Database

AnyMem 2.0

AnyMem 2.0: Translation memory software for freelance translators and translation agencies translation memory software. AnyMem uses portable translation memory format. It also supports import and export of TMX, standard translation memory exchange file format (TMX 1.1 and TMX 1.4). Convenient translation memory management: translation memory is stored in a single MEM file, for more convenient exchange. Export translation memory to TMX (Translation Memory eXchange): translation memory can be exported to TMX 1.1, TMX 1.4. Import translation

Memory Database System Demo 1.0: Shows you the performance of the memory database system of the database.
Memory Database System Demo 1.0

This demo shows you the performance of the memory database system of the database engine developed by MemDB.

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@promt Expert Translator GIANT PACK 8.0: @promt Expert 8.0 - professional translation software for professional users
@promt Expert Translator GIANT PACK 8.0

translation throughput Smooth inter-operation between two high-end translation tools - @promt Expert machine translation and TRADOS Translation Memory Enables companies to dramatically increase the productivity of human translators. - Expert tools for work with user dictionaries Automatically create user dictionaries from existing glossaries or TRADOS Translation Memory databases; compare and merge user dictionaries or convert them into specialized

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Sisulizer 3.0.340: Visual software localization for .NET, C#, C/C++, Delphi, VB, HTMLHelp, XML & db
Sisulizer 3.0.340

Translation Edition, along with your project file. Sisulizer supports translators with integrated translation memory access, intelligent filters, up-to-date statistics, WYSIWYG & context, interfaces to external translation memory and machine translation, reports, and various validations with easy fix functionality. When your translators have completed the translation, they just run Exchange Wizard to create a single file that they send back to you

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Lingobit Localizer 7.0: Software localization tool for MFC, Delphi, .NET, WPF, Java, Database and Web
Lingobit Localizer 7.0

Translation Memory, Automatic Translation, etc. Software localization can be done in-house or delegated to another company. Lingobit Localizer enables developers to localize software by extracting localizable resources directly from MFC, Delphi or .NET executable files. This makes it possible to translate strings, dialogs, forms, menus, and other resources. Furthermore, Lingobit Localizer support visual localization of HTML, HTML Help (CHM), XML,

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ABBYY Aligner 1.0: ABBYY Aligner - a tool for easy and quick Translation Memories creation
ABBYY Aligner 1.0

Translation Memory (TM) databases. Based on ABBYY`s foremost linguistic technologies and special dictionary databases, the program accurately finds matching segments in the source and translated texts by checking their semantic proximity and allows saving the results in the TM database for further use in Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. It helps to reduce costs yet increase the quality of translation services. This makes ABBYY Aligner a

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ABBYY Lingvo x5 Dictionary x5: ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary - a combination of trusted content and flexible software
ABBYY Lingvo x5 Dictionary x5

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary combines 220 world-class dictionaries with breakthrough linguistic software and context-relevant database modeling to provide the perfect gateway for reading, writing and learning in multiple languages. Comprehensive search tools, intuitive menus and dozens of specialized lexicons including law, economics and medicine, enable swift, accurate and virtually seamless translations

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